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Start Shopping Your Medline Scrubs Now !

Scrubs For Work is a Scrubs in Fashion Company that offers the most comfortable healthcare apparel available online. We have an array of Medline products including men’s and women’s fashions and unisex styles. Medline has been developing textiles since 1910 and has been refining their fabric and fit for maximum durability and comfort. For decades Medline has been designing its scrubs for the special rigors of the healthcare sector while maintaining a professional image. Scrubs For Work has made it easy to order Medline scrubwear and lab coats in the style and fit that is right for you. Our impressive selection of styles and fits ensures that you will find scrubs that will feel right for your body type. This combined with soft fabrics will guarantee comfort all day every day.

Medline’s Vision

Medline’s vision is to be the market leader in the healthcare industry by developing the most cost effective products combined with helpful clinical solutions. They are committed to continuously improving every part of our business through collaboration with our highly valued employees and customers.

Since 1910

Medline was founded in 1966 but its roots date back 90 years when it started as a garment manufacturer. Since then, Medline has grown into America’s largest privately-held national manufacturer and distributor of health care supplies and services. Today, Medline manufactures and distributes more than 100,000 medical products, encompassing medical-surgical items and one of the largest textile lines in the industry.

Commitment to Quality

As a manufacturer and supplier of tens of thousands of medical products, Medline is dedicated to providing the highest quality products. In this pursuit, Medline has attained ISO 9000, EN 46000 and FDA QSR compliant, the most stringent international standards for producing quality products. As a result, Medline’s customers benefit from lower costs and reduced product defects.